About us

TCS is a young company founded in May 2010,We aim to introduce and market some handicraft products from Nepal, like cashmere and yak wool accessories , cashmere and cotton sweaters, bags and suitcases in leather.

Our philosophy is to offer a range of high quality products created entirely in an artisan way with natural materials and in total respect for moral principles which should govern any kind of production.

Our idea wants to go over the large chains of distrubution in the clothing industry based on mass production, by offering products that are absolutely original, because created by the "hand of man" they are unique and unrepeatable. The small imperfections that sometimes products may show should not be considered a symptom of a defects but genuine handcrafted work that will increase its value.

Another fundamental characteristic of our company is the direct purchase of products without any kind of intermediary: we personally go to Nepal, where we can rely to a dense network of serious and reliable and capable local artisans.

For better explain what is our "believe" we have to end whith those few sentences:

"Thousands, millions of people work, produce and save money regardless of what we can invent to bother, and discourage them. It is the natural vocation that drives them, not only the thirst for profit.The taste, the pride of seeing your company prosper, gain credit, inspiring confidence in ever larger clienteles, expand facilities, constitute a spring for progress as strong as profit. If not, we can not explain why there are entrepreneurs in their business lavished all their energies and invest all their capital to collect often profits far more modest than they can safely and comfortably get with other uses." (L. Einaudi)